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TRADE SHOWS Date Location Booth No.
Superbooth Apr 23-25, 2020 Berlin - Germany H520
Dancefair May 9-10, 2020 Utrecht - Netherlands 1-Q71
Koba May 13-15, 2020 Seoul - Korea F9-F10


New ultra compact near/midfield monitor SC3070

We are very excited to announce the debut of our newest monitoring solution, SC3070.

Designed and assembled in Berlin, Germany, the SC3070 is a high-resolution, tri-amplified near / mid field monitor optimized for precise midrange and powerful bass response. This 3-way monitor achieves the outstanding mid-range reproduction of its larger sibling SC407's mid-high section with exceptional balance and low distortion over the entire frequency range, but in a much more compact cabinet. The SC3070 is the ideal solution for recording, mastering and home studios were the complete skill set of a fully-fledged 3-way system is required, but where space is at a premium.

Key Features
- Fully-fledged 3-way near / mid field monitor
- Our proprietary RS3 Air Motion Transformer for pristine high-frequency reproduction
- 4-inch glass-fibre honeycomb membrane woofer for clear midrange production with utmost detail
- 7-inch low frequency driver with glass-fibre coated honeycomb diaphragm for powerful bass response
- sophisticated cabinet that houses a bevelled ultra-stiff front plate to reduce unwanted resonances and diffraction
- 1 x 185 W Class D amplifier for SilverCone woofer
- 1 x 100 W Class D amplifier for SilverCone mid-range driver
- 1 x 50 W Class D amplifier for AMT
- On the front volume and room eq control with rotary knob for perfect integration into every listening environment
- Dimmable LED ring
- High-resolution 24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown A/D converter
- Detachable grilles to protect A.M.T.


From January 16th to 19th was our new SC3070 available to audition at NAMM show in Anaheim, California, US at booth 15621 along with our range of 2-way, 3-way, 4-way monitors and subwoofers.

SC3070 presentation by Roland Stenz for Sound On Sound (English)

SC3070 presentation by Roland Stenz for Produce Like A Pro (English)

SC3070 presentation by Roland Stenz for Mixbux TV (English)

SC3070 presentation by Roland Stenz for Music Store (German)

SC3070 presentation by Roland Stenz for Inside Audio (English)

SC3070 presentation by Roland Stenz for Gearslutz (English)

SC3012 for DJ Aligator


EVE on air – DJ Aligator believes in SC3012

DJ Aligator is an Iranian-Danish producer and DJ who has upgraded the studio monitors in his studio. He now has installed a pair of EVE Audio's main monitors SC3012:

"Not only they sounded good, they also sound right."

"It sounds so naturel, they don’t colour the sound and I know that I can count on those speakers. They are phenomenal."

For an EVE demo please contact one of our worldwide distribution partners.

EVE AMT in Production Expert


Interview with Pro Tools Expert

Why does an Air Motion Transformer look so different and how does it work?
Pro Tools Expert has interviewed EVE Audio's CEO and speaker designer Roland Stenz to learn more about the unique technology of an Air Motion Transformer.

EVE Audio has developed 3 different types of air motion transformers.
What's different and why we need three different types you can learn here.

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